We believe in GOING BEYOND.

To go beyond is to explore unknown paths of self-discovery. To move away from automatism and constrictions to make space for the free expression of our essence.
We work with people and organisations at a crossroad. To support you on your journey, we provide personal and business coaching, as well as professional trainings.
The tools listed below have enhanced our own talents and brought sustainable transformation into our lives. They are available in-person and online. 
If you are uncertain on the next steps, we offer you a 30 min intro session, free of charge, to determine how and whether we can be of support.

Reiki Treatments

Boost the energy within yourself and around you.

Family Constellations

Bring clarity in your life and relationships.

Organisational Constellations

Fast-forward problem solving for you & your organisation.


Stretch and strengthen body, mind and soul.


Reset your compass on what really matters.

Mountain Retreats

Retreat in the Alps to reconnect to your nature.

Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure.

Rainer Maria Rilke