Go Beyond

Explore unknown paths of self-discovery. SPARK works with people and organisations seeking to transform. We sustain personal and organisational growth and provide professional trainings.

The methods listed below have enhanced our own talents and transformed our lives. If you are uncertain on the next steps, we offer you a 30 min intro session, free of charge, to determine how and whether we can be of support.

As in the sky, family members are related between themselves. They share information which influences their behaviour. Family Constellations helps you identify hidden blockages and release them.

Family Constellations

Refresh your perspective on personal and relationship topics

Look at your business questions through a new lense.

Organisational Constellations

Fast-forward problem solving for you & your organisation

A japanese temple in the sea. Reiki is a Japanese life philosophy.


Ignite your inner spark

Yoga mudras are one of the elements of yoga SPARK integrates in its classes.


Stretch and strengthen body, mind and soul