Align to your natural flow

Transform to lead an authentic and successful life; privately and professionally.

Retreat in nature to start a journey towards clarity. Whether you seek a short break or a longer inner dive, whether you like a personal 1 to 1 retreat just for yourself, or your couple, or you prefer to work in groups, we look forward to tailor these retreats on your own specific needs.

Who is it for

Our retreats are open to anyone wishing to:

  • take a break to refocus and recenter
  • reconnect with nature, within and around
  • gain clarity on their next steps both personally and at work
  • receive guidance in resetting their priorities on what really matters
  • recharge their batteries in nature

What we offer

Find your private retreat options below. Group retreats are listed under our events. If you need support with your options, get in touch with us.


‘La Saeta’

48h: a condensed full immersion of fresh air, meditation and re-centering to decompress and reset your priorities


‘Al Laras’

4 to 7 days: a deep inner journey to create space, reconnect to your centre and identify what really matters to you