Reiki Treatments

Are you looking for an efficient way to balance your energy levels? Are you experiencing a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual symptom you wish to explore deeper? Do you wish to relax and refocus? Is your home or office in need of a deep energetic clearing?

Reiki is a Japanese life philosophy aimed to harmonise body, mind and spirit. It leads to a profound state of relaxation, reduces stress and sustains your immune system. Reiki can be used to treat people and as energetic space clearing to purify and sustain the energy in homes and offices.

At a glance

  • Format
    Treatments: 1 on 1; in person and online
    Space clearing: 1 to 2 practitioners

  • With
    HamSa Serena Olgiati

  • Language
    English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français und Español

  • Length
    Treatments: between 45 and 90min
    Space clearing: ca. 60 min for 100sqm

  • Investment
    CHF 150.- for 60 min
    Special Offers for 5 or 10 sessions.
    EU and Student prices also available on request.

  • Cancellation Policy
    You may cancel / reschedule until 24h prior to your session. After that, the full fee will be charged.

When is Reiki recommended? Some examples of situations in which Reiki might be of help:

Personal situations:

  • Investigate a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptom;
  • Sustain the healing process of the body (for e.g. after surgeries or traumas);
  • Release mental pressure and stress;
  • Sustain the regeneration of body and mind in cases of burn-out;
  • Release and transform emotions;
  • Purify body, mind and spirit (for e.g. during detox periods, during and after in-take of antibiotics or chemotherapy);
  • Re-energise the body;
  • Relax and de-compress;
  • Sustain your energy levels;
  • Activate and support your chakras;
  • Experience a spiritual discipline you can apply daily;
  • Learn to interact with your body, mind and spirit.

Energetic clearing of physical spaces:

  • Sustain your well-being by energising your home and office space;
  • Support physical space clearings in new and old places (for e.g. before selling a house or when clearing old houses and flats);
  • Clear old energies before moving to a new space (both in the space you leave and the one you enter);
  • Create a welcoming and energising space in your office;
  • Clear energies at work in places with high density of people;
  • Renew the energy of a space after a relationship or work collaboration ends;
  • Prepare the space for a new relationship or work collaboration;
  • Support the energy flow in places where energy is stuck or low.

How Reiki works:

On the person: Reiki increases your overall feeling of well-being. It is not a painkiller. Reiki seeks to bring to the surface the causes of a symptom, not just to address the consequences. It’s about long-term sustainable well-being, rather than a short-term panacea.

During a treatment, you’ll be lying down on a massage table (or floor mat) in comfortable clothes. The practitioner will put her hands on (or just above) your body but without the pressure applied generally for a massage. This allows the energy to flow freely through the body. Depending on the type of treatment, different areas of the body and head will be treated.

On physical spaces: innumerable studies address the importance of the environment we live and work in. A clear and healthy space naturally leads to relaxation, calm and regeneration. SPARK’s space energetic clearing is designed to release past energies in businesses and homes, with a goal to start anew. Letting go of the Old is a very effective way to free ourselves from past weights and make space for the New to enter our life.

What we offer: Reiki treatments can be done in person or online.

Treatments on the person include full body treatments, treatments for specific organs, for the mind, on the chakras or tailor-made. The ideal treatment approach will be discussed individually based on the specific needs.

We generally advise to do a sequence of few sessions to properly experience the benefits of Reiki.

The Energetic space clearing is best carried out at a time where the space is empty of people. It is not relevant whether equipment and furniture are present in the space. If requested and welcomed, the energetic clearing may be accompanied by purifying incenses and ethereal fragrances. These are not essential to the purification.

The clearing is prepared in advance with you to identify its purpose as well as size and state of the space.

One session is generally enough, though this may vary. It is advised to carry out this type of energetic clearing regularly to keep the energy levels up.

Disclaimer: Reiki is an oriental discipline whose goal is the harmonisation of body, heart and mind with the spiritual dimension. It is “based on the hypothesis that the human being can become, through different levels of activation, a channel of transmission of cosmic energy” (Zingarelli). Reiki courses and treatments are aimed at healthy, autonomous and responsible people. The term “healing”, when used, should be understood in the sense of “achieving a state of love for oneself and for others, internal harmony, awareness and self-realisation”. The professional who holds the Reiki seminar and the treatments is a Reiki Teacher. She does not make use of psychological instruments. The service provided is not of a medical-sanitary nature, therefore it is not intended to replace medical services but rather to work alongside them.