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Explore the Chakra System

Support your vitality, release past conditionings and take a deep healing journey within yourself. This exploration identifies blocks in the activity of each Chakra. These may be related to one’s own life experience, family entanglements, social and cultural conditioning, karmic memories.

Constellations are a great method to become aware of unconscious patterns of behaviour. They help you transform unconscious patterns of behaviour and blockages to bring inspiration, harmony and presence in your life.


  • Investigate and release repeating patterns of behaviour holding you back

  • Discover what each Chakra has to tell you

  • Support your vitality and energy levels

  • Gain new information on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges

  • Release blockages and past conditioning in your Chakra system

Who is it for?

It is recommended to have attended at least a seminar or having done an individual Family Constellation with SPARK or La Città della Luce prior to this event.

The seminar is addressed to those who wish to:

  • raise their vital energy
  • release blockages in their sexuality
  • learn to affirm their boundaries
  • learn to transform grief or let go of past relationships
  • learn to express a healthy aggression
  • transform challenging emotional situations
  • learn more about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms
  • bring energy in their love relationships
  • make space for a love relationship
  • learn to open up to others
  • learn to express their own truth
  • set clear intentions on the way forward
  • learn to trust and surrender

This weekend is part of the “Family Constellations Training”, for students who wish to be certified as Facilitators in Family Constellations.


Friday | 18.30 – 21.00

  • Welcome apero: meet our teacher and SPARK
  • Interactive presentation: Introduction to the work with the Chakras

Saturday | 9.30 – 19.30

  • Welcome
  • Introduction participants
  • Theory: working on the Chakras through constellations
  • Practice: constellations on the Chakras

Lunch Break

  • Practice: constellations on the Chakras
  • Q&A on the work done

Sunday | 9.30 – 19.30

  • Check in and feedback day 1
  • Theory: working on the Chakras through constellations (continues from day 1)
  • Practice: constellations on the Chakras

Lunch break

  • Practice: constellations on the Chakras
  • Closing round

How we work

This event can be attended either in-person or online. Please register with us and we will send you all the relevant information.

Most of the work will be practical. We will explore the Chakras, see what they need and how they are doing, as well as receiving valuable information to apply in our daily life.

Elements of a constellation:

  • Preliminary interview during which the facilitator identifies with you the issue to be addressed.
  • The facilitator takes note of names and dates of birth of your family members and relevant ancestors, inquiring about any relevant events in their life in order to reconstruct a basic family structure. When focusing on work and project concerns, the notes will focus on relevant events, dates and names related to this specific issue.
  • Participants are then called and asked to take the place of the various elements of the system being investigated. A spontaneous, creative, dynamic movement follows, in which the representatives will take different places in the room.
  • With the messages they provide, a wealth of information hidden in your subconscious comes to light.
  • Through process work and resolutive sentences, the blockages and challenges identified are released.

What we offer

2 days seminar in a group setting.

The work will focus on the main topics related to each Chakra. These are:

  • 1st Chakra ‘Muladhara’: survival, vital energy, needs, instincts
  • 2nd Chakra ‘Svadhisthana’: pleasure, sexuality, ability to live fully the present moment, ability to free oneself from the past, ability to let go of people and situations no longer adequate
  • 3rd Chakra ‘Manipura’: personal power, self-esteem, recognition of one’s value and capabilities, ability to face and resolve conflicts
  • 4th Chakra ‘Anahata’: love and respect for oneself and for others, sense of identity and union
  • 5th Chakra ‘Vishudda’: communication, self expression, creativity
  • 6th Chakra ‘Ajna’: ability to see the visible and invisible reality, capacity to evolve in consciousness
  • 7th Chakra ‘Sahasrara’: connection with one’s inner Self and with one’s own destiny, ability to let oneself be guided by the flow of the universe


Akshara Umberto Carmignani is the founder of La Città della Luce, a Reiki Teacher, Facilitator in Family and Systemic Constellations, Holistic Operators’ Supervisor and much more. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the constellations technique developed by the masters of Reiki living with Umberto at Città della Luce.

We have worked with him for over a decade and are still always and every time amazed by his presence, deep knowledge and care for people. It is an honour and a great pleasure to host our teacher and friend and to continue our journey together.

Akshara is the author of: “Il Grande Manuale del Reiki” Ed. L’Età dell’Acquario, 2005; “Runemal, il Grande Libro delle Rune”  Ed. L’Età dell’Acquario, 2009; “Astrologia Archetipica: la Scienza dell’Anima” Ed. La Città della Luce e Macrolibrarsi, 2018.

Disclaimer: The professional who holds the course is a Facilitator in Family and Organisational Constellations who does not use tools of a psychological nature. The service provided is not of a medical-health nature and does not intend to replace it.