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With Akshara Umberto Carmignani. Explore the Chakra System to identify blocks in the activity of each Chakra related to one’s own life experience, family entanglements, social & cultural conditioning, karmic memories.

During the seminar we will adopt a phenomenological approach to investigate each participant’s morphogenetic field. This approach uses representatives to stage the Constellation. This may take the form of a classical Family Constellation, or move into Archetypal & Shamanic Constellations.

Who is it for?
The course is aimed at all those who wish to know the biological & spiritual laws governing individual, family & collective consciousness. It is strongly recommended to have already participated in a basic Family & Systemic Constellations seminar &/or having done at least one individual Family & Systemic Constellation with SPARK or La Città della Luce.

Saturday & Sunday: Exploration of the main Chakras & the levels of consciousness connected to them:

  • 1st Chakra ‘Muladhara’: survival, vital energy, needs, instincts;
  • 2nd Chakra ‘Svadhisthana’: pleasure, sexuality, ability to live fully the present moment, ability to free oneself from the past, ability to let go of people & situations no longer adequate;
  • 3rd Chakra ‘Manipura’: personal power, self-esteem, recognition of one’s value & capabilities, ability to face & resolve conflicts;
  • 4th Chakra ‘Anahata’: love & respect for oneself & for others, sense of identity & union;
  • 5th Chakra ‘Vishudda’: communication, self expression, creativity;
  • 6th Chakra ‘Ajna’: ability to see the visible & invisible reality, capacity to evolve in consciousness;
  • 7th Chakra ‘Sahasrara’: connection with one’s inner Self & with one’s own destiny, ability to let oneself be guided by the flow of the universe.

During the investigation of the Morphogenetic Field, the following may (but must not) emerge:

  • Memories of difficult destinies lived within the genealogical tree (war wounds, abortions, abuses…);
  • Memories of excluded or prematurely disappeared family members;
  • Traumatic experiences (accidents, abandonments, betrayals, natural disasters…);
  • Memories linked to previous lifetimes.

Akshara Umberto Carmignani is the founder of La Città della Luce, a Reiki master, facilitator in family and systemic constellations, holistic operators’ supervisor and much more. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the constellations technique developed by the masters of Reiki living with Umberto at Città della Luce.

We have worked with him for over a decade and are still always and every time amazed by his presence, deep knowledge and care for people. It is an honour and a great pleasure to host our teacher and friend and to continue our journey together.

Akshara is the author of: “Il Grande Manuale del Reiki” Ed. L’Età dell’Acquario, 2005; “Runemal, il Grande Libro delle Rune”  Ed. L’Età dell’Acquario, 2009; “Astrologia Archetipica: la Scienza dell’Anima” Ed. La Città della Luce e Macrolibrarsi, 2018.