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Are you looking to learn more about family constellations? What are they? How can you use them? Do you have friends, family and colleagues who would like to know more about them?

Think of our psyche as an iceberg. The part we are really conscious about is the very small tip of the iceberg surfacing above water. Yet most of our actions and decisions in life are driven by the big part that lies below the water, our subconscious.

The constellation is a valid method to become aware of unconscious patterns of behaviour. It brings to light the hidden causes of a situation and releases blockages to bring fresh, inspiring energy, harmony and understanding within the family, relational and work systems.

How we work: During the evening you will learn the basic laws and principles underpinning the work with family constellations. You’ll discover the topics you can investigate with this technique as well as the historic background.

We also offer you a practical glimpse into a constellation. Through a practical exercise you will feel what happens during a constellation.

What we offer: 2h group session. Free of charge. Theory and practice.

Who is it for? 

  • Anyone curious to know more about SPARK and our work with family constellations.
  • People who already know this method and would like their friends, family and colleagues to have a chance to learn more about them.

Disclaimer: The professional who holds the course is a Facilitator in Family and Organisational Constellations who does not use tools of a psychological nature. The service provided is not of a medical-health nature and does not intend to replace it.