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Are you looking to deepen your knowledge of the Chakras System? Do you wish to explore innovative ways to work with family & organisational constellations? Are you looking for new tools to support your personal exploration of the unconscious? Do you simply wish to meet us personally?

Discover SPARK is open to every curious spirit. The purpose of these evenings is to offer a welcoming, open space to learn more about the main techniques we offer regularly in our centre.

How: Through interactive presentations we propose a specific topic to explore & discover. This time we look at The Chakra System with Akshara Umberto Carmignani from La Citta della Luce.

What: You have a chance to talk to the experts & ask your questions; or just sit & take in what is being offered.

A small apero supports a friendly, informal space for conversation & offers a great opportunity to meet with other curious spirits on a journey of self-discovery.




18.30: Apero

19.00: Presentation

In the Vedic Tradition ‘Chakras’ are energy wheels balancing the energy flow throughout our body. They support the healthy physical functioning of our organs, immune & endocrine system, & much more.

This presentation will also introduce the weekend seminar on this topic.

About: Akshara Umberto Carmignani is the founder of La Città della Luce, a Reiki Teacher, Facilitator in Family & Systemic Constellations, Holistic Operators’ Supervisor and much more. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the constellations technique developed by the masters of Reiki living with Umberto at Città della Luce.

We have worked with him for over a decade and are still always and every time amazed by his presence, deep knowledge and care for people. It is an honour and a great pleasure to host our teacher and friend and to continue our journey together.

Akshara is the author of: “Il Grande Manuale del Reiki” Ed. L’Età dell’Acquario, 2005; “Runemal, il Grande Libro delle Rune”  Ed. L’Età dell’Acquario, 2009; Astrologia Archetipica: la Scienza dell’Anima Ed. La Città della Luce e Macrolibrarsi, 2018.