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How do we deal with high complexity of a market situation? What do we have to do as a team so that a larger whole develops in a healthy and successful way? How can we create meaning and / or orientation in a situation with overwhelming factors of information?

In order to answer such questions, purely rational decision-making can get stuck. The classic business management (problem-solving) methods may not work because there is no consistent and unambiguous information base. Instead of getting into action, one circles around the analysis or takes off into speculation.

How we work: In contrast, a substantial vision of the future emerges in the organizational constellation in a relatively short period of time. This happens through the inclusion of the implicit collective knowledge on the one hand and through a solution focus on the other hand. Management Constellations bring the creative moment of a common consciousness – the collective intelligence – into play when shaping the future. The focus is exclusively on management issues: The focus is on issues related to the directing, design and development of organisations as complex social systems. Accordingly, Management Constellations have an eye on inter-dependencies, such as

  • the interaction between a sales channel, the marketing strategy, the overarching quality management, an innovation project and the sales targets of a business area or
  • the interaction between the routines in a hospital, the professional ethos of doctors, a cost stabilization program, pressure from regulators and health policy or
  • the relationship between the teaching staff, school management, educational reform, existing educational practices and the students in a school

What we offer: Claude Rosselet will bring us closer to working with in-house teams over the 2 days. The steps of a management constellation are systematically discussed and applied in practice:

  • Clarification of the question
  • Constellation work: developing the solution idea
  • Final discussion in a dialogue: Anchoring the first steps of concrete measures

You will bring your own topics from the organisational field or client systems, which are put into constellations over the 2 days.

You will acquire additional skills and specific methodological know-how from the constellation work that will support your knowledge of existing advisory and management methods.

Who is it for? The weekend seminar is open to everyone. It is also part of the “Organisational Constellations” training series for students who wish to be certified as facilitators of constellations in professional contexts.

About Claude Rosselet: Studies in humanities, social sciences and economics at the Universities of Zurich and St. Gallen. Assistant director and evening director at the Opera House Zurich. Afterwards managerial tasks in various companies in the service industry. Claude switched to consulting in 1994. Over the past 20 years, the organizational constellation process has become increasingly important in his portfolio. In addition to international teaching mandates, Claude publishes regularly in various specialist journals and is (co-) author of books on (organisational) constellations translated into several languages.