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Are you looking for a space to relax your spinning mind & regain strength for the daily challenges of this particular time? Are you seeking a moment of calm & re-focus? Are you looking for a way to boost your creativity?

In these days of constant change, creativity is essential to ensure we can respond effectively to the events & avoid being overwhelmed by them. Our best ideas, projects & collaborations have risen out of moments of stillness & calm. By teaching our mind & body to be in a receptive mode & move out of the action for a little while, we open a space for creativity & free imagination.

How we work: We offer you a protected space to refocus your mind towards clarity & stillness.

It’s not obvious to clear our mind of thoughts & chatters. This is where meditative visualisations come in handy. They give your mind something to focus on so there is much less room for chatter & thoughts to creep in.

What we do: This meditative visualisation will take place ONLINE in a group setting. You’ll be able to join with or without camera. Please ensure you are in a calm space, sitting comfortably. A candle next to you may be a wonderful addition to support your meditation.

The content of the visualisation will be defined based on the composition of the group. The focus may be on the breath, body awareness or on specific chakras.

Pre-requisites: Does not require previous meditation knowledge or practice.