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Are you looking for a life philosophy to apply effectively & practically every day? Are you seeking profound & sustainable change? Are you looking to get deeper in touch with your Self & strengthen your understanding of your body, emotions, mind & spirit? Do you wish to unleash your natural talents & feel connected to your life purposes?

Reiki Level 1 focuses on the connection between spirit and matter and the balancing of the energy flow in our body. During the course there are 4 Activation Ceremonies. You’ll learn the practice of Reiki through several Treatments. The seminar explores the theory of the Chakras, basic Psychosomatic, the Phenomenological Approach and the Morphogenetic Field.

You will be able to follow this event in person or online. Please register with us and we will send you all the relevant information.

Key elements

  • Activate the energy channel to allow life-energy to flow through you;
  • Explore ways to treat yourself and others with Reiki;
  • Learn the Reiki principles and basic oriental philosophy;
  • Learn about the Chakras and basic principles of the psychosomatic approach;
  • Identify and dissolve energy blockages caused by harmful habits and attitudes;
  • Progressively find a state of well-being through the harmonisation of the energy flow in the body.

Our aim is to offer a Reiki practice based on solid & reliable teachings, both theoretically & practically, so as to allow a valid path of personal & spiritual growth.

Saturday: (9.30 – 19.00)

  • Welcome
  • Intro seminar and participants
  • What is Reiki?
    • History and origins of Reiki
    • The Reiki Principles
    • Outlines of western and eastern philosophy
  • First activation ceremony

Lunch break

  • General considerations for a Reiki treatment
  • Reiki treatment to balance the Chakras
  • The Chakra theory and the evolution of consciousness
    • Psyche and Soma: how our mind and body work together (or don’t)
  • Second activation ceremony

Sunday: (9.30 – 19.00)

  • Welcome
  • Exploration of the morphogenetic field and dissolution of energy blocks
  • Opening our Heart space (meditative journey through the Reiki self-treatment on the Chakras)
  • Third activation ceremony

Lunch break

  • Fourth and last activation ceremony
  • The Foundational Reiki treatment
  • Overview of other Reiki treatments
  • Delivery of Level 1 Certificate

Who is it for? Reiki L1 is intended for people who seek to:

  • Take responsibility for their life
  • Undertake or continue a path of personal and spiritual growth
  • Meet, love and realise oneself
  • Change profoundly and sustainably their life
  • Cultivate confidence in themselves and in life
  • Learn a life philosophy to experience every day
  • Cultivate spirituality whilst remaining engaged with daily life
  • Recover vital energy, joy and enthusiasm
  • Explore the relationship between mind, body and spirit
  • Identify and release hampering patterns in life
  • Letting go of old attachments and identifications
  • Heal the Heart to recover their personal power
  • Express their truth
Reiki Certification
What is Reiki?

Disclaimer: Reiki is an oriental discipline whose goal is the harmonisation of body, heart & mind with the spiritual dimension. It is “based on the hypothesis that the human being can become, through different levels of activation, a channel of transmission of cosmic energy” (Zingarelli). Reiki courses & treatments are aimed at healthy, autonomous & responsible people. The term “healing”, when used, should be understood in the sense of “achieving a state of love for oneself & for others, internal harmony, awareness & self-realisation”. The professional who holds the Reiki seminar & the treatments is a Reiki Teacher. She does not make use of psychological instruments. The service provided is not of a medical-sanitary nature, therefore it is not intended to replace medical services but rather to work alongside them.