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Learn to connect & flow with the universe. Explore your body and bring energy where needed. Be centered and aware in your life. Release blockages to unleash your life energy.

If your goal is to know yourself and learn the use of an effective method to maintain health, prevent diseases, dissolve tensions and resolve conflicts, this course is for you.

Reiki* encourages a harmonious, peaceful and conscious life. It helps you to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy.

The focus of the 1 Level is on the body. You’ll learn several ways to treat yourself and others.

Our aim is to offer a Reiki practice based on solid and reliable teachings, both theoretically and practically, so as to allow a valid path of personal and spiritual growth.

The objectives for Level 1 are:
* Activate the energy channel to allow life-energy to flow through you;
* Explore ways to treat yourself and others with Reiki;
* Learn the Reiki principles and basic oriental philosophy;
* Learn about the chakras and basic principles of the psychosomatic approach;
* Identify and dissolve energy blockages caused by harmful habits and attitudes;
* Progressively find a state of well-being through the harmonization of Chakras and internal organs.

* Presentation of participants and programme
* What is Reiki?
* Outlines of western and eastern philosophy
* The psychosomatic approach and the meaning of disease
* First activation ceremony

Lunch break

* Reiki treatment to balance the chakras
* The Chakra theory and the evolution of consciousness
* Second activation ceremony

* Guided meditation on the chakras
* Exploration and dissolution of energy blocks
* Reiki self-treatment
* Third activation ceremony

Lunch break

* Reiki treatment of the five organs
* Basic Reiki treatment
* Fourth and last activation ceremony
* The principles of Reiki
* Delivery of Level 1 Certificate


Reiki is a Japanese discipline aimed to harmonise body, mind and spirit and lead to a profound state of relaxation. It can be used to re-equilibrate the energy flow in your body, relax or release and integrate emotions.

As a complementary medicine, Reiki is used alongside conventional medicine to help patients overcome pain and trauma from surgical operations, or side effects of chemotherapy for example. It is not a painkiller. Reiki seeks to bring to the surface the causes of your pain, not just to cure the consequences.

Reiki is not a therapy, it is not a religion and has no ideological or political aims. It operates in full respect of all religious & personal beliefs, and any official medical practice, whether conventional or complementary.

During a Reiki treatment, you’ll be lying down on a floor mat (or on a massage table) in comfortable clothes. The practitioner will put her/his hands on your body but without the pressure applied generally for a massage. This is done in order to allow the energy to flow freely.