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Are you sensing the call to become a Reiki Teacher? Do you wish to deepen your Reiki practice by exploring the connection to your Inner Teacher? Are you seeking to acquire new tools on your spiritual path?


150 hours of theoretical-practical teaching.

The Third Level is the antechamber of the Fourth Level or Master, where you are prepared to become Teachers of Reiki Usui Method La Città della Luce.

With the Third Level you receive the Activation to the 4th Reiki Symbol. The 4th Symbol develops the process of recognition and realisation of one’s Inner Teacher.

This requires assiduous practice of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Reiki courses to fully integrate the potential inherent in Reiki and to continue the process of personal growth and evolution.

Location: The 3rd Level of Reiki takes place at the end of the Hero’s Journey at La Città della Luce.

SPARK & La Città della Luce join forces to offer you a unique experience of connecting with the Reiki Teachers of this Community and learn from their own Reiki journey.

Programme: The 3rd Level of Reiki aims to activate the Third Level Energy Channel through the appropriate procedures & teach the Fourth Reiki Symbol and its use.

  • Presentation of the Participants and the Third Level of Reiki
  • The Fourth Symbol of the Usui System
  • Exploration of the Inner Master
  • Analysis and dissolution of energy blocks
  • Meditation of the Third Reiki Level
  • Activation Ceremony

The course takes place in the presence of the Reiki Teachers of La Città della Luce. The initiation to the 3rd Level will be done by your current SPARK teacher.

Pre-requisites: To enroll in the 3rd Reiki Level course it is necessary to have attended the 1st and 2nd Reiki Levels at SPARK or La Città della Luce, and to have attended at least once the intensive residential seminar “The Hero’s Journeyat La Città della Luce.

Description: The fee includes free participation in all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Reiki seminars that are held during the year up to the achievement of 150 hours of theoretical and practical teaching.

The 3rd level Reiki certificate will be delivered at the end of the 150 hours of training provided.

What is Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese discipline aimed to harmonise body, mind & spirit. It leads to a profound state of relaxation. In our view this is one of the most effective & simple ways we can achieve comprehensive well-being. Reiki is also used alongside conventional medicine to help patients overcome pain & trauma from surgical operations, or side-effects of chemotherapy.

The Reiki symbols act as keys for opening different levels of consciousness: the physical-emotional level, the emotional-mental level & the mental-spiritual level. The different treatments you will learn work directly on the Self, teach you to send Reiki to people & situations in space-time & to energetically purify the environment where you live & work.

How we work: Our Reiki School teaches the traditional Usui Reiki & integrates specific additional inputs which are the fruits of 30 years of experience from the Reiki community La Città della Luce. It is a very practical teaching, aiming at offering all the support & tools necessary for us to feel comfortable in giving & receiving Reiki, for ourselves & others.

What we offer: The School is structured on 4 levels.

Level 1 is about a sustainable relationship with ourSelf: it brings us in touch with our physical body. It teaches the main Reiki Treatments & focuses on the healing of the Heart.

Level 2 is about a sustainable relationship with other: it works on our emotional body. It teaches us to treat our brain with Reiki, send Reiki in space & time, protect ourselves & purify the space around us. It looks at our deepest life purposes. The 2nd Level takes place over 3 weekends within a year.

Level 3 & 4 are about a sustainable relationship with our inner Teacher & the Spirit: The 3rd & 4th Level are addressed to those wishing to become Reiki Teachers. They take us to the core of our Service, look at mental & spiritual bodies & train us in teaching Reiki to others.


Disclaimer: Reiki is an oriental discipline whose goal is the harmonisation of body, heart & mind with the spiritual dimension. It is “based on the hypothesis that the human being can become, through different levels of activation, a channel of transmission of cosmic energy” (Zingarelli). Reiki courses & treatments are aimed at healthy, autonomous & responsible people. The term “healing”, when used, should be understood in the sense of “achieving a state of love for oneself & for others, internal harmony, awareness & self-realisation”. The professional who holds the Reiki seminar & the treatments is a Reiki Teacher. She does not make use of psychological instruments. The service provided is not of a medical-sanitary nature, therefore it is not intended to replace medical services but rather to work alongside them.