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Are you looking to release your energy to focus on what matters to you?

Do you feel an urge to reconnect with yourself for clarity? To better understand your relationship with your family, partner(s) or situations at work? 

We go out in nature and deep within ourselves. With the support of family and organisational constellations we will learn to transform blockages and bring fresh, inspiring energy, harmony and understanding within ourselves, as well as our family, relational and work systems.

  • Re-connect with nature, inside and around you

  • Transform and release deep unconscious blockages, old patterns and external expectations

  • Gain clarity on your relationship to yourself, your family, your love relationships and your projects

  • Explore how family and organisational constellations can be applied to investigate life and work topics

  • Enjoy time in nature, alone and with the group



  • 18 July evening (or early morning on 19 July)

Start Retreat

  • 19 July at 09.30

General programme

  • 19 – 23 July (from 09.30 onwards)

Family constellations on:

    • me, myself and my health
    • parents and ancestors
    • love relationships, sexuality, children
    • work projects, success and money

Morning and late afternoon:

  • Time outside in nature. Meditations, walks and more will be included throughout the 5 days.


  • 23 July from 17.30 onwards

The programme may vary. Specific details will be shared with participants before the start.


We are staying at the Sonnennest, Via Fontauna Sut 14, 7175 Sumvitg, (Graubünden | CH)

The seminar house offers Double Rooms accommodation, with private or shared bathrooms.


CHF 1490. – incl. accommodation (5nights), food, all activities.

Not included: travel costs and alcoholic beverages.

A special reduced fee, covering accommodation and food, applies to all participants in SPARK’s Immersion and Training in Family and Organisational Constellations. Please get in touch for details.