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90 minutes to let go, a moment to relax, a gift to yourself.

Relax and pure enjoyment to bring you back to your Self. The well-being experienced after these treatments will leave you walking on a cloud for a long time!


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The Thai Yoga Massage is a full body treatment that relieves joint pains and muscle tensions, improves circulation, mobility and flexibility, relaxes and restores the energy. It unlocks the energies and stagnant tensions and allows for the recovery of physical, mental as well as emotional harmony.

It is a discipline in which the masseur, being in a state of deep conscience, welcomes the participant and leads him/her to an intimate encounter with his/her inner Self. During this “sacred dance”, the latter regains his/her natural state of relaxation, well-being, and becomes aware of his/her tensions as well as their causes.

The massage is done on the ground, on a futon, the participant being comfortably dressed. The time recommended for this massage is 90 min.

Annely Steiner is a therapist in Thai Yoga massage graduated from the school Arts-Thera in Geneva. Through her holistic approach of Thai massage, Annely includes other techniques such as the Ostheothai (mixture of Osteopathic and Thai massage techniques), Fascia and Craniosacral Therapy, and the Chi Nei Tsang (massage of the belly). She gives customized massages, tailored to your needs. Annely is fluent in Italian, Spanish, and French and has a basic knowledge of English.