Mantric Fire Workshop and Meditation Initiation

Shaiva Tantra Teachings on the Freedom of Consciousness

with Professor Paul Muller Ortega

and Ezgi Fisher, Susana Garcia Blanco, Jayendra Hanley

Registration: There are 2 parts for this event. Please register for each part separately. If you will attend the whole event, please register for Part 2 first, and then you will be able to apply a 30% discount for registration of Part 1.

Location: Stambha Yoga, Zollikerstrasse 76, 8008 Zurich Switzerland

Teaching language: English



Shaiva Tantra Teachings on the Freedom of Consciousness

Friday, June 15, 2018 • 1:30pm-8:30pm

Saturday, June 16, 2018 • 9:00am-6:30pm

Registration: $250 USD Early Bird, $295 USD Regular.

Early bird rate ends March 15, 2018

** People pre-enrolled in the Initiation Course receive 30% Discount on the Satsang.

Asana (yoga posture) practice sessions are included in the workshop at no cost.


Mantric Fire Practices from the Shaiva Tradition encompass a rich array of offerings and experiences applicable to life in the world. Ancient in origin, these practices and teachings open a Universal portal into a more liberative trajectory of life and allow the modern practitioner to gain direct access to the interior, subtle spaces of living Consciousness.

This experiential journey is accessible to everyone, regardless of background or belief. Each Mantric Fire Workshop is unique, and invites you deeply into your own Heart in a rare gathering of profound consideration and learning. Join us to consider sacred truths and learn rich practices in the Tantric tradition.

Specific practices taught may include the Release Practice, the Intention Offering practice, the Amrita Guru practice, Japa or chanting, the study of sacred texts, and other group practices that raise the vibration of our awareness. Join us for this workshop to pierce into the heart of awakening that is already moving inside each person, inviting you to live in a higher and more evolutionary way!

Professor Paul Muller-Ortega, Ph.D.,

is a world-renowned scholar in the eld of Indian Religion and Hindu Tantra. He is the founder of Blue Throat Yoga, which teaches the elegant Svatantra philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, based on the practice of Neelakantha Meditation. He has taught meditation to thousands throughout the world, and

served as Professor of Religion at Michigan State and the University of Rochester. Paul brings to his teaching the rare combination of knowledge and experience, taking his students on a profound guided tour of consciousness that is life-changing and enlightening.

More about Paul and Blue Throat Yoga can be found through Stambha Yoga.

Ezgi Fisher, Susanna Garcia Blanco, and Jayendra Hanley

will offer high-quality asana instruction and support for this auspicious event. With decades of combined study and teaching experience, they will provide a grounded environment for the heart-opening teachings of the Mantric Fire Workshop. All asana sessions are included at no extra cost. Please indicate on the registration form if you will be participating in the asana portion. To learn more, visit their websites:

* Tuition is discounted if also enrolled in the weekend Initiation Course. To receive the discount, please register for Initiation (Part 2) first.



2 days of Personal Instruction, 18 Months of Support, a Lifetime of Practice

The Course begins with two days of formal instruction:

Sunday, June 17, 2018 • 9:00am – 6:00pm

Monday, June 18, 2018 • 10:00am – 5:30pm

Registration: $550 USD Early Bird, $600 USD Regular.

Early bird rate ends March 15, 2018


A Foundation for a Lifetime of Deep Meditation Practice

Neelakantha Meditation

A Formal Initiation with Professor Paul Muller-Ortega

Neelakantha Meditation is the practice of deep meditation that works to bring about transformation, healing, and benevolence in your life. It is a daily meditation practice that is governed by the principle of effortlessness, which is easy to learn and practice and is accessible to everyone.

    •    Transform and grow in the direct experience of your own deepest reality and live everything that you are meant to live.

    •    Journey into the deeper spaces of consciousness to more fully access freedom, creativity, ease, clarity, and riches of life itself.

    •    Easy to learn and practice, and is governed by the principle of effortlessness.

    •    A beautiful and elegant practice which does not involve concentration, controlling the mind, or other forms of effortful manipulation of awareness.

•    It is not necessary to have any particular beliefs, previous study or background in order to learn and practice with great benefit.

Neelakantha Meditation allows you to establish a direct connection to your own deepest reality and reconnect with your innate nature of freedom, creativity, clarity, bliss and everything wonderful in life.

This two-day course is the beginning of a lifetime of practice. You will learn the practice itself and the specific context and foundational principles underlying the practice, which is rooted in SvaTantra – the Tantric teachings of the ultimate freedom of Consciousness.

The 18-Month Course Includes:

• Welcome audio message
• Two-day course of formal personalized

Initiation into Neelakantha Meditation • Ongoing Live Meditation Practice

• Original translations of Tantric texts
• Online Wisdom Library
• Auditing Day 2 of Initiation events at no cost • Special Audio Satsangs
• Additional Supporting Practices and Materials

• Invitations to attend Meditation Retreats and to receive Advanced Initiations

More about Paul and Blue Throat Yoga can be found through Stambha Yoga.

Find out more about Ezgi Fisher’s individual sessions and weekly classes at SPARK.