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Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

Ever felt stuck in your creativity? Believe there is a Matisse in you just waiting to be unleashed? Wanting to explore artistic expression without limiting believes?

Explore your subconscious through guided meditations and several artistic tools. This workshop is a boost to your creativity and a chance to get back in touch with the artist in you. A wonderful and colourful opportunity to elaborate and let go.

Time: Fri 30.9 from 18.00: SPARK open house evening (children super welcome). Face painting and creative playing.

Sat 01.10 and Sun 02.10 from 09.30 to 19.30: healing art workshop

Language: English, Italiano.

Location: SPARK, Schreberweg 8, 8044 Zurich.

Prerequisites: An open mind and willingness to play and transform yourself.

Registration: Please register here. For queries contact Serena; +41 79 477 14 22.

Dress-code: We recommend comfortable clothes that can get dirty.

Price: CHF 250.- (incl. Tea breaks)
Meals (optional): Breakfast CHF 10.-; Lunch CHF 18.-; Dinner CHF 18.- or CHF 21.- with wine/beer.
Accommodation (optional): Single: CHF 70.- pp. / Double: CHF 50. CHF Dormitory: CHF 20.- pp. (for the dormitory, bring your own sleeping bag). All rooms share bathrooms.

Description: Healing Art means healing through the creative process of art. This method explores the Jungian Archetypes and Chakra theories, includes active and creative meditation techniques, chromotherapy as well as deep and intuitive expression.

Through the union of psychology and spirituality, including elements of Sacred Art, this method expands creative expression and is rich in interpretative tools. It uses a holistic approach to Art which considers the human being in his and her totality and uniqueness. It offers an opportunity to express oneself from the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The main focus of the course is on the creative process, not the artistic skills or the final product. Healing Art focuses on the journey and the permission we give ourselves to stay true to what we feel. Our creations are a reflection of inner processes and the acts of drawing and painting are symbolic rituals of manifestation and liberation.

Dyumna Martina Mercuri is a member of the community “La Città della Luce”, an artist, a Reiki Master, Holistic Counselor and Operator and the founder of the Healing Art Project.

In cases of financial constraints, payments in multiple rates and financial adjustments may be considered.