Contact improvisation  © Fanny Huber

How do I move? How does my body feel? How fast, how slow do I move? How perceptive am I of my surroundings?

This is a workshop to explore our body and how it moves. We will allow ourselves space and time to observe, to listen, to play and become aware of the movement.

Time: 10.30 – 17.00

Location: SPARK, Schreberweg 8, 8044 Zurich.

Prerequisites: An open mind; Open to all levels.

Language: English and German

Registration: Please fill in the registration form and send to SPARK. For queries contact Serena; +41 79 477 14 22.

Insurance: Each participant should provide for his/her own insurance.

Price: CHF 125.- (incl. Tea breaks)
Meals (optional): Breakfast CHF 10.-; Lunch CHF 18.-; Dinner CHF 18.- or CHF 21.- with wine/beer.
Accommodation (optional): Single: CHF 70.- pp. / Double: CHF 50. CHF Dormitory: CHF 20.- pp. (for dormitory, bring your own sleeping bag). All rooms share bathrooms.

Description: This workshop is about time. Time to arrive, time to let the circling movements of our thoughts run out to be in the here and now. Time to listen to the breath and the language of the body. Time to notice our constantly changing states.

We will discover space. Space to flourish, in movement and with play. Space to allow free rein to our inner impulses, to observe our movement habits, and to enhance them. Space to connect within and with everyone and everything around. Space for enthusiasm and play.

With precise observation exercises and sequenced movement approaches, we will investigate efficiency in motion and our inherent body intelligence, accessing an immediate and permeable implementation of internal and external impulses.

Fanny Huber discovered her passion for movement and dance when she was eleven. In the last seven years, she has been concentrating on dance improvisation, contact improvisation, as well as the use of voice and clown technique. Her work is inspired by Lilo Stahl, Claudia Römmel, Patrick Collaud, Susan Schell, Sybille Marseiler, Jörg Hassmann, Nancy Stark Smith, Zack Bernstein and many more. Since 2013, she has taught dance improvisation, has been active in the contact improvisation scene, and gives regular classes in Winterthur and St. Gallen.

In cases of financial constraints, payments in multiple rates and financial adjustments may be considered.