© Maja Hürst, «Pavão», Detail of «Deu Zebra», Rio de Janeiro, TIKA 2016

SPARK is thrilled to invite you to our first Urban Art Solstice with the visual universe TIKA. Maja Hürst will gild SPARK’s garden wall on the home stretch to this year’s summer solstice.

Come and have a look at the finished oeuvre!

Time: 18.00 – 21.00; Expect fresh drinks & good vibes.

Location: SPARK’s garden, Schreberweg 8, 8044 Zurich.

Prerequisites: An open mind.

Language: English.

Registration:  Please contact Ariane, +41 79 317 11 11.

Description: The TIKA mural will be a trigger for reflections on our own creative process and how creativity influences our psychological and physical well-being. Both at the core of SPARK’s work.

The artist Maja Hürst has been expanding her visual universe TIKA for the past 13 years. A cosmos of images in which she confronts and visually catalyses modern global society with forgotten traditions and mythologies. Hürst deals with the symbolism of animals, refers metaphorically to human characteristics and combines these with everyday occurrences as well as ignored, catastrophic and encouraging things.

Deeply rooted in d.i.y. culture she experimented with manual multiplying techniques like wood- or linocut, silkscreen print and stencils. Her visual universe TIKA can be found as large scale building bracing murals in Cape Town, Cologne, Atlanta, The Gambia, Rio de Janeiro, Alexandria and Berlin, to name a few.

Maja Hürst was born in Switzerland in 1978 and grew up in Cairo, Cologne and Zurich. She pasted her first posters in the streets in 1988 and started painting graffiti in the late 90ies. Today the artist lives in Zurich, Rio de Janeiro and Berlin.