Shamanic drums © SPARK

Welcome to the adventurous and mysterious world of shamanic journeying–a world full of the vast potential of your human spirit.

Join us in a monthly sacred circle for an adventure in expanded consciousness you will both enjoy, be amazed by and gain tremendous benefit from.

The shamanic journey offers you an opportunity for mental, emotional and spiritual health and growth that is unparalleled for its direct and immediate access to realms of unconditionally loving spirits.

Place: SPARK, Schreberweg 8, 8044 Zürich

Dates: October 22, November 12, December 3

Time: 13.30Uhr to 17.00Uhr

Price: CHF 90.- per single session (CHF 375.- for a 5-time abo, non-refundable)

Requirements: Basic shamanic journey skills–knowledge of your power animal and the ability to navigate lower and upper worlds of Non-Ordinary Reality. **

Registration: mail Christina Mahler directly, Registration closes the Friday before each Sunday group at 18:00.

For more info: Christina +41 76 224 63 83.

Description: Called the Path of Beauty by the indigenous, shamanism guides you gently to the essence of who you really are, while at the same time bringing you into harmony with Mother Earth.

Christina has been practicing shamanism and leading shamanic journeying groups for over 15 years. She completed her teacher training under Sandra Ingerman in 2008 and is authorized to teach shamanism (

She brings a unique blend of other skills to her groups, having also trained in The Clarity Process® (developed by mystic master Jeru Kabbal), Theta Healing® , the Bengston Energy Healing Method® . Beyond formal training, Christina is a metaphysician, visionary and empath who has studied all matters esoteric and exoteric related to the history of this planet for over 45 years.

**For information on how to learn these basic skills, contact Christina regarding an Introduction to Shamanic Journeying course which is offered periodically.