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Treat yourself like the queen and king you are.

Two days of ayurvedic massages and analyses to relax and let yourself guide through the beauty of your body.

Thea will offer individual Abyangham massages, specific massages for the feet, head and cervical vertebrae and stomach as well as individual Ayurvedic Analyses of your constitution. Read more below about these different offers.

Prerequisites: Willingness to relax and let go.

Registration: Please register here. For queries contact Ariane; +41 79 317 11 11.

Location: SPARK, Schreberweg 8, 8044 Zurich.


Individual Abyangham massage (1h):                                                       120 CHF

Classic Abyangham + tailored specific body parts massage (1.5h):     150 CHF

Ayurvedic Physical Analysis (1h):                                                                  90 CHF

Description: The Abyangham massage is meant to loosen muscle tensions, favour a peaceful mind and freedom from stress, anxiety and insomnia. It balances your inner forces (the dosha), Pitta, Kapha and Vatta to stimulate the metabolism and the immune system, help eliminating toxins, purify the blood, as well as the nervous and lymphatic systems.

The specific massage sessions help to balance the energies in the body, release mental stress and insomnia, and remove anxiety.

The individual Ayurvedic Analyses of your constitution help you identify imbalances in your dosha (Pitta, Kapha, Vatta) as well as offering dietary suggestions to bring back balance in your body.

Thea Ruggia is a Certified Therapist in Massage and Ayurvedic Therapy in Lugano, Switzerland. She proposes treatments for the health and hygiene of body and soul. In doing so she takes into account the character and biological constitution of each person, following a holistic approach in the purest respect of the Indian Ayurvedic tradition.