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Runes are the ancient language of Northern Europe’s gods. A system of archetypal symbols and/or letters of secret meanings whose evocative powers have been handed down over time through the use of magical objects and mythological stories.

This seminar dives deep into the mythological and symbolic power of the Runes. It combines history, theoretical background and very practical exercises to learn ways to read the Runes and use them as guidance in our daily life.


Thursday 23 November @ 19.30: Discover SPARK: what are the Runes?

Friday 24 November: individual consultations

Saturday 25 November: all day seminar

Presentation, Meditation & Visualization circle

Meeting the Oracle: Hugin & Munin

Revision of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark

Sacred Geometry & the structure of the Universe

The 9 sticks & weave of the Wyrd

The Runic Glyphs’ structure: Runic-writing practice

Analysis of our own name written with the Runes: The personal karmic journey

Sunday 26 November: all day seminar

Divination (Divine Action): Learning to dialogue with our unconscious

The up-side-down Rune: The concept of shadow

Divinatory Methodology: Practising with basic Runic Reading methods

Yggdrasil Reading: The four levels of consciousness

How to set up a consultation: Questions, topics, purpose of the consultation

Meditation & Visualization circles with Runic Mantras

Time: 9.30 – 19.30

Location: SPARK, Schreberweg 8, 8044 Zurich.

Pre-requisites: An open mind and willingness to learn. If you are at the beginning of your journey with the Runes, we advise to participate in the introductory presentation on Thursday evening.

Language: English / Italian. Translation to Deutsch always available.

Registration: Please fill in the registration form and send to SPARK. For queries please contact Ariane; +41 79 317 11 11.

Price: Presentation open to everyone. Seminar: 1 day: CHF 220.- (incl. Tea breaks); 2 days: CHF 300.- (incl. Tea breaks)

Meals (optional): breakfast CHF 10.-; lunch CHF 18.-; dinner CHF 18.- or CHF 30.- with wine/beer

Accommodation (optional): single: CHF 70.- pp. / double: CHF 50.- pp / dormitory: CHF 20.- pp. (For the dormitory, bring your own sleeping bag). All rooms share bathrooms.

Description: Archetypal Runology introduces us to the ancient knowledge of the Runes. A path that develops in 24 passages, the same number of Germanic Runes of the Older Futhark (the oldest Runic alphabet), and on 3 different levels of Consciousness (the Three Aettir or Rune Families).

Starting from the historical information about their origins, exploring archaeological finds, we will discover the mythological origin of the Sacred Runes and learn how they were used by our proud European ancestors who inhabited the lands of central and northern Europe in the early centuries after Christ.

Runes draw the Laws of Life and Nature, which are manifested by the interaction between the forces of Heaven and Earth. They teach us that our Soul’s evolution passes through the understanding of these Sacred Laws and the harmonious acceptance of their teachings.

The Runes help us understand the deeper meaning of events manifesting in our life. They guide us to a more conscious life, thus supporting our personal evolution.

The runes are not only a tool from the past. They are a path to awareness and consciousness; they help us to get in touch with our unconscious and integrate the strength and energy necessary to move forward. They teach us how to be in the present in order to welcome our future.

Giovanna Bellini is a member of Città della Luce. She’s an artist, Reiki master, writer, goldsmith, ceramist and runologist. She is the co-author with Umberto Carmignani of the book Runemal, il grande libro delle Rune, edizioni l’Età dell’acquario. Find out more about her art.