SPARK in runic @ SPARK

The Runic Consultation is a powerful tool to investigate our unconscious and understand the origin and significance of events in our lives. It allows to get a reality check: how am-I really doing? (and not only how do I “think” I am doing).

Every aspect of everyday life can be explored. Topics such as relationships, family, children, home, work, money, health, etc. You may work on the four levels of consciousness: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to find out hidden challenges, clarify doubts, ask questions, etc.

The consultation clarifies complex and sometimes problematic situations in our lives and offers opportunities to resolve conflicts and tensions.

Length: 30 min: General check-up in which you receive guidance to improve challenging situations in your life.

60 min: This allows you to go beyond your own personal situation and also work on relationships with other people.

90 min: Analysis of your name translated into Runic language, which may reveal useful indications on your karmic path in this life.

Location: SPARK, Schreberweg 8, 8044 Zurich.

Language: English / Italian / Spanish. Translation to Deutsch and French also available.

Registration: Please contact Ariane; +41 79 317 11 11.

More information on the archetypal runology open presentation or weekend seminar.

Price: 30 min: CHF 50.-; 60min: CHF 90.-; 90min CHF 140.-

Description: The runes are not only a tool from the past. They are a path to awareness and consciousness; they help us to get in touch with our unconscious and integrate the strength and energy necessary to move forward. They teach us how to learn to be in the present in order to welcome our future.

The Runes are archetypal symbols. As such they help us understand the information contained in our unconscious and teach us the language of our Soul. They let our heart speak and show us truths we can’t or don’t want to see.

Through a careful analysis of your astrological chart Siddha Giovanna Bellini will accompany you on a journey of exploration and understanding with the support of the Runes.

Giovanna Bellini is a founding member of Città della Luce. She’s an artist, Reiki master, writer, goldsmith, ceramist and runologist. She is the co-author with Umberto Carmignani of the book “Runemal, il grande libro delle Rune“, edizioni l’Età dell’acquario. To find out more about her art, click here.