Reading the runes  © Giovanna Bellini

What lies behind the mysterious world of the runes? Where do they come from and what can they tell us about our personalities and our way ahead?

This seminar teaches us the historical meaning of the runes, their mythological and symbolic power. It takes us to the ancient magic world of the Germanic, Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon people in the early centuries after Christ.


Day 1:
Circle of presentation and sharing;
Hugin and Munin: the morning Rune and
the evening Rune;
Origins and types of Futhark
(runic alphabets);
Poetic Edda and Runic Poems.
The esoteric meanings of the Futhark and the three Aettir.

Day 2:
The 24 Runic Archetypes and the Ancient Path to Mindfulness;
Analysis of the Names: personal Karma and Dharma;
ound Runes: how to create your personal Runic Talisma.

Time: 09.30 – 19.30

Location: SPARK, Schreberweg 8, 8044 Zurich.

Prerequisites: An open mind and willingness to learn.

Language: English and Italian if requested.

Registration: Please register here. For queries contact Serena; +41 79 477 14 22.

Price: 1- day course: CHF 170.- (incl. Tea breaks)
Full 2-days course: CHF 250.- (incl. Tea breaks)

Meals (optional): Breakfast CHF 10.-; Lunch CHF 18.-; Dinner CHF 18.- or CHF 25.- with wine/beer.
Accommodation (optional): Single: CHF 70.- pp. / Double: CHF 50. CHF Dormitory: CHF 20.- pp. (for the dormitory bring your own sleeping bag). All rooms share bathrooms.

Description: The runes are not only a tool from the past. They are a path to awareness and consciousness; they help us to get in touch with our unconscious and integrate the strength and energy necessary to move forward. A tool from the past, to learn how to be in the present in order to welcome our future.

Giovanna Bellini is a member of Città della Luce. She’s an artist, Reiki master, writer, goldsmith, ceramist and runologist. She is the co-author with Umberto Carmignani of the book “Runemal, il grande libro delle Rune“, edizioni l’Età dell’acquario. To find out more about her art, click here.

In cases of financial constraints, payments in multiple rates and financial adjustments may be considered.