Mind Detox

Are you looking for a space where you can completely relax your spinning mind, refocus & regain strength for your everyday challenges? Are you looking to recharge your mental batteries? Do you wish to bring into your work environment a moment of calm & re-focus? Are you looking for a way to boost your creativity?

Our best ideas, projects & collaborations have risen out of moments of stillness & calm. By teaching our mind & body to be in a receptive mode & move out of the action for a little while, we open a space for creativity & free imagination. This is when the best ideas pop up.

The meditative visualisations bring about sharpness & presence in daily life. In our own experience we see that people who meditate regularly feel less anxious & depressed. They experience more calmness, enjoyment & appreciation of life & feel improvement in their relationships with others.

How we work: We offer you a protected space to refocus your mind towards clarity & stillness.

It’s not obvious to clear our mind of thoughts & chatters. This is where meditative visualisations come in handy. They give your mind something to focus on so there is much less room for chatter & thoughts to creep in.

What we do: Our meditative visualisations can be done in group settings or 1 to 1. We are also happy to come to your own work space to offer them to your partners & employees.

The content of the meditative visualisations varies to cater for specific wishes & needs. They may focus on the breath, body awareness, colour visualisations etc. Although they are mostly done seated, they may also include light body movements.

Since our brain needs regular resting time to be at its best, we suggest a regular practice with the visualisations over a period of time.

Does not require previous meditation knowledge or practice.

At a glance

  • Format
    1 to 1 or Groups

  • With
    HamSa Serena Olgiati

  • Language
    English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français or Español

  • Length

  • Price
    For business sessions (group & 1 to 1) at your office: price upon request, based on specific format.

  • Cancellation Policy
    You may cancel / reschedule until 24h prior to your session. After that, the full fee will be charged.