“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision – then it becomes less & less important whether I am afraid.” Audre Lorde

We believe in GOING BEYOND.

Beyond is on the farther end of our limits. Beyond is courage & adventure. Beyond is the subconscious & unknown. Going beyond is to explore the subliminal & to reveal new aspects of the Self. It’s to discover new paths, reinvent ourselves constantly, knowing that what really matters in life is the journey we choose every day.
How we work: SPARK offers a safe & private space to identify & release hampering patterns so we can be fully present in our private & work life. Our holistic counseling is about daring to dream & go farther. To believe we own the power to change our lives, sustainably & practically.
Using a systemic approach, we offer guidance along your life path. Bring to light your natural talents, explore your own personal ‘why’ & unleash the power to make change happen. This is how dreams materialise.
What we offer: Based on our continuously evolving personal experience, we propose you the tools which have made & make beneficial, sustainable changes in our own lives. These include Family & Systemic Constellations, Reiki, meditative Visualisations & Yoga.
Ready to GO BEYOND? Find below our offers. You may choose between individual sessions, weekend group seminars, evening gatherings & tailor-made retreats or contact us directly to find a solution for your specific needs.

What’s Up

A free 30min session to assess your current situation.

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Journey to the Self

Holistic counseling to explore deep purposes in life, free power & unleash natural talents.

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Reiki Treatments

Hands-on energetic treatments for your body, emotions, mind & spirit.

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Balance your Energy

This Reiki session equilibrates the flow of energy within yourself.

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Learn Reiki

A life philosophy encouraging a harmonious, peaceful & conscious life.

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Reveal Unconscious Behavioural Patterns

Family and systemic constellations bring clarity & harmony in the family, in relationships & at work.

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Healthy Love Relationships

Couple Family & Systemic Constellations to let love relationships grow freely.

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Energetic Space Clearing

Clear past energies in businesses & homes for a fresh start.

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Mind Detox

Meditative visualisations to sharpen our mind & presence in our daily life.

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Private Mountain Retreat

Guided private retreats in the Alps to focus on personal, relational or business questions.

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Stretch & strengthen body, mind & soul. Take your mind off everyday life & give it a deserved rest.

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