Couple Family & Organisational Constellation

Do you constantly find yourself the same type of partner? Do you struggle to be in a love relationship? Do you & your partner feel stuck in your relationship? Are there specific topics related to your love relationship you’d like to understand better? Or are you & your partner seeking to support & liberate your current love relationship?

A love relationship is about union & equal exchange. This is the purpose of this constellation. Often though we bring with us, consciously or not, the baggage of what we have learned from family & society about what a couple is, what it means to be a man or a woman, children & sexuality. To release old patterns & clear our system means to make space for a partner & allow our love relationship to grow freely.

How we work: In this couple session you & your partner jointly work together on the hidden patterns of your relationship. You explore your own field & the one of your partner to identify situations which may prevent a fully liberated relationship.

What we see in a constellation is often unknown to us, the invisible connections & painful memories we carry with us from our own past, or that of our ancestors. By bringing this up to light, & witnessing it happening in front of our eyes, we become aware of them. This alone helps to destructure internal blockages & bring new insights concerning ourselves & our relationship. The facilitator then provides a series of resolutive sentences which further support this process.

What we offer: An individual session includes both partners, a facilitator & 2 representatives and can be held in person or from remote via video call. Topics which may be addressed during the constellation relate to: lack of love relationships, old relationships, betrayals, children, sexuality, new ways to relate to each other etc.

The consultation begins with a private preliminary interview during which the facilitator with the clients identifies the issue to be addressed & takes note of the name & date of birth of family members & relevant ancestors, inquiring about any relevant events in their life (with a focus on relationships) in order to reconstruct the basic family structure.

The representatives are then called in & asked to take the place of the various elements of the system being investigated. A spontaneous dynamic movement follows, in which the representatives will take different places in the room. With the information they provide, a wealth of information hidden in our subconscious comes to light. Through process work, the blockages & challenges identified are released.

SPARK can provide a preparatory questionnaire to support the preparation of the constellation.

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Disclaimer: The professional who holds the course is a Facilitator in Family & Organisational Constellations who does not use tools of a psychological nature. The service provided is not of a medical-health nature & does not intend to replace it.

At a glance

  • Format
    1 Facilitator, 2 Representatives; also from remote via video call

  • With
    HamSa Serena Olgiati & Ariane Fischer

  • Language
    English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français or Español
  • Length
    90 to 120min

  • Price
    CHF 350.-
    EU & Student prices available on request.

  • Cancellation Policy
    You may cancel / reschedule until 24h prior to your session. After that, the full fee will be charged.