Balance your energy

Are you experiencing a low in your energy levels? Are you dreaming of a moment of pure relaxation just for yourself? Is a key event coming up & you wish to ensure your energy levels are up to it? Or do you simply feel like giving your energy a boost?

This energy balancing session equilibrates the flow of energy in your body. A healthy energy flow helps us to perform at our best in our daily life. It supports our relaxation & helps us to release mental stress. This is a very effective way to strengthen our presence, readiness & creativity throughout the day.

How we work: The treatment works through your chakra system. The power of the chakra system is to connect different physical systems within our body. They are linked with the endocrine system, with the blood flow, with the vital organs, with the skeleton & the muscles systems. Because they are ‘systems’ connectors’ they work on several planes at the same time. When focusing on the 7 main chakras we reach out to our body, emotions & mind as a whole & aim to equilibrate their interaction.

What we offer: The energy balancing session is done through Reiki (LINK Reiki Treatments). During the treatment you’ll be lying down on a massage table (or on a floor mat) in comfortable clothes. The practitioner will put her hands on (or just above) your body at the height of each chakra, thereby facilitating the flow of energy between them.

This treatment may be done as a stand-alone session or as a regular set of sessions over a period of time.

At a glance

  • Format
    1 to 1

  • With
    HamSa Serena Olgiati

  • Language
    English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français or Español

  • Length

  • Price
    CHF 150.-