Private Mountain Retreat

Are you looking for balance between your work & personal life? Do you seek meaning in what you do & how you live? Do you feel an urge to reconnect deeply within yourself & awaken your natural talents? Or are you looking for clarity at this particular time in your life?

This retreat is about clarity, balance & awakening talents. Clarity to identify & concentrate on what is important to you. Balance between work & life, between what you love to do & how you love to be. Awakening talents to be fully in contact with your inner creative power. & to offer those talents to your community & the world.

A retreat with SPARK is the beginning of a journey towards clarity; a position from which you can effectively drive change in order to lead an authentic & successful life; privately & professionally.

How we work: What we offer you has proven successful in our own journey. We apply concepts & content from management & systemic theories with research on consciousness & antique wisdoms, to offer you the most effective support in your personal journey. This includes walks & physical activities in nature, morning mind-focusing exercises, business & personal counseling & delicious healthy food to sustain you. We examine your values, vision, obstacles & fears to guide you in a safe & completely confidential space towards clarity & balance.

What we do: This retreat takes place in the mountains above Poschiavo (GR). The programme & its length is defined together depending on your wishes & needs. It can last between 3 & 7 days & generally includes both elements of personal & business counseling. Our strength is to combine these two key aspects to ensure your projects & goals are sustainable both business-wise & personally.


2*1h personal preparatory & closing call/meeting.

3 to 7 days retreat in the mountains above Poschiavo (GR).

At a glance

  • Format
    1 to 1

  • With
    Ariane Fischer & HamSa Serena Olgiati

  • Language
    English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français or Español
  • Length
    3 to 7 days
  • Price
    upon request


At a very important juncture in my life, I met two angels – Ariane and Serena, who through the medium of deep love, wisdom and empathy helped me re-discover the person I am. Through a combination of different techniques of physical work, longs walks in the beautiful Swiss mountains, private coaching sessions, meditations and energy healing work, and most importantly a personalised healthy diet, they brought the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual me together. I carry their love and guidance in my heart daily, and hopefully forever. I can’t wait to return to our next summer week in Poschiavo.

Alok, Business Owner, India

These 3 intensive retreat days gave me the opportunity to fully immerse within myself and get in close contact with everything that surrounds me. The individual and professional guidance & the holistic coaching helped me to connect with my strength, my intuition and inspiration and to understand the deeper meaning of Transformations. That’s when I started developing visions with ease and creativity. It was a wonderful, intense and very sustainable experience.

Prisca, Art & Culture, Switzerland

My retreat at SPARK had a truly positive impact on me. Not only on a personal and social level I developed skills I wasn‘t aware of but also for my business life the experience has a lasting effect.

Marco, Finance, Switzerland