Systemic Constellation

During the constellation you may decide to work on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual symptom, loose entanglements in your family and relationships, at work, or give an energy boost to your project. The constellation releases blockages to bring fresh, inspiring energy, harmony and understanding within the family, relational and work system.

An individual session generally lasts 90 minutes and includes the client, a facilitator and the help of 1-2 representatives.

The consultation begins with a private preliminary interview, in which the client asks a question or issue on which to work. This may be of personal nature and relate to a symptom, an illness, a work or economic situation, or of relational nature  and cover their relationship with a partner, a child, with his family of origin and so on.

During the interview, which lasts about twenty minutes, the facilitator draws a basic Family Tree, taking note of the name and date of birth of parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles, and inquiring about any abortions and early and violent deaths in order to reconstruct as accurately as possible the family structure.Once this is done, the representatives are called in and asked to take the place of the various elements of the system that are being investigated.

To prepare for a session concerning family and health topics, you need as much information as possible on dates, places and events in your family of origin. SPARK can provide a preparatory questionnaire to help you in advance of the constellation. Please get in touch with us with the topic you’d like to address so we can support you in defining the type of information you may need for it.

Working languages: Deutsch, English, Italiano, Français & Español

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At first I was skeptical and a bit nervous about what would expect me in a constellation. Would my deepest secrets come to light? Would my life be completely turned upside down? Would my relationship to my family suddenly change? The interesting thing, however, was that the constellation has brought to light quite unconscious and hitherto unnoticed sides of my personality. This has supported a real expansion of consciousness. And it has had a lasting effect. Today I notice how I consciously chose to deal differently with certain situations, even long after the constellation has been done. I realise that, above all, constellations bring about a deep and sustainable change within myself. SPARK offers a safe space in which you feel comfortable and where you can easily be yourself. An experience that you should definitely try out. For me, constellations are now the pulse of my current situation and detox sessions for my soul.

Stephanie, Self-employed, Switzerland

At a glance

  • Format
    1 on 1 or Groups

  • WITH
    HamSa Serena Olgiati or Ariane Fischer

  • Language
    English, German, French, Italian or Spanish

  • Price
    CHF 210.- for 90 minutes // For couples CHF 350.-