We foster creativity, courage and interdependence.

The SPARK Academy cultivates sustainable transformation. We facilitate the rise of creative spaces where interdependent people share their talents with enthusiasm.
This international Academy offers certifications in Reiki & Family and Organisational Constellations.


Get certified as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

Family and Organisational Constellations

Get certified to become a Facilitator

How we work: Depth and professionalism are achieved through regular and consistent practice. The SPARK Academy proposes a practically-oriented curriculum built to ensure a valid self-development path and professional education. We adopt a holistic approach which addresses the person as a whole. Body, emotions, feelings, thoughts, values and spiritual needs are equally considered.
What we offer: Certification as Reiki practitioner and teacher: Learn to practice Reiki on yourself and others and to teach Reiki effectively. The unique structure of the Academy connects you with a global community of Reiki Teachers and Practitioners to share experiences and grow interdependent collaborations.
Certification as Facilitator of Family and Organisational Constellations: Train to facilitate individual and group Constellations yourself. The Academy uniquely combines modular teachings in both Family Constellations and in Organisational Constellations serving you with the option to choose between a single or combined certification.
Our certifications are taught in multiple languages. We work closely together with our teachers and partners at La Città della Luce in Italy. This gives our students a unique opportunity to travel and attend specific modules abroad to engage with a larger international community of teachers and practitioners.