“This is much more than a method, it’s a life attitude. I learned to say yes to life”
Gabriela, Systemic Coach | Organisational Consulting and Supervision BSO | Social Worker FH | CH
“SPARK opens your eyes and heart”

It broadens your horizons; it invites you to get closer to your Self and others; it helps you realise that everything is already there, inside yourself and you simply need some healthy courage and confidence to let it out.

At SPARK I found a protected and safe environment in line with the times. I felt at ease to experiment, be scared, rejoice and be amazed at my potentialities, my physicality and my being. I will be eternally grateful to HamSa and Ariane for the courage, passion and love they offer me and with which they bring SPARK to life and I am proud and grateful to myself for accepting it.

Francesca, Teacher | CH

Family and Organisational Constellations

“Give life a chance to become lighter and joyful”

SPARK is for me one of the best places I have come across. You can’t really understand this, unless you see it by yourself. Come to SPARK to meet these marvelous people and experience the deep transformative power of constellations.

Melanie, Opera Singer | Voice Coach | DE
“I gained courage and the will to choose to live a good life for myself”

I saw trust building in our group and learned we are all human beings on a journey. Each of us with more or less challenging situations. Saying yes to life means to choose myself, to embrace who I am in all my facets.

Gabriela, Systemic Coach | Organisational Consulting and Supervision BSO | Social Worker FH | CH
“I have become more self-determined and feel myself better”

Today, through the work with SPARK, I choose to express what is ok and what is not. I can deal with my life experiences better. They do not disappear, but I have a new view on them and can relocate them in a place that is good for me.

Sara, Project Coordination | CH
Constellations bring about deep and sustainable change within myself”

At first I was skeptical and a bit nervous about what would expect me in a constellation. Would my deepest secrets come to light? Would my life be completely turned upside down? Would my relationship to my family suddenly change?

The interesting thing, however, was that the constellation has brought to light quite unconscious and hitherto unnoticed sides of my personality. This has supported a real expansion of consciousness. And it has had a lasting effect. Today I notice how I consciously choose to deal differently with certain situations, even long after the constellation has been done.

SPARK offers a safe space in which you feel comfortable and where you can easily be yourself. An experience that you should definitely try out. For me, constellations are now the pulse of my current situation and detox sessions for my soul.

Stephanie, Self-employed Communication Advisor | CH
 Gli effetti delle costellazioni sono impressionanti, dolorosi, affascinanti e risolutivi”

Sono un imprenditore pragmatico con un’interesse speciale per lo sconosciuto. Ho avuto una vita sfrenata e piena di eccessi alla ricerca di emozioni sempre più forti e malsane. Una mia cara amica ad un certo punto mi ha preso per mano ed accompagnato alla mia prima costellazione familiare dicendomi che quello sarebbe stato un primo passo di un nuovo percorso verso la mia essenza.

Serena e Ariane a SPARK mi hanno accolto e accompagnato in questo viaggio. A SPARK ho trovato assenza di giudizio, la possibilità di esplorarsi dentro ed osservare come situazioni personali si manifestino davanti ai miei occhi spettatori, la forza di andare oltre quei muri contro i quali ho sbattuto tutta la mia vita senza rendermi conto che bastava fare un passo di lato per superarli.

SPARK mi ha reso più consapevole, più felice, più libero e fiducioso nella mia vita fisica e psichica. Dopo le mie esperienze con le costellazioni familiari mi sento più equilibrato e sereno. Mi voglio più bene e ringrazio l’universo di avere avuto l’opportunità di incrociare la strada di Serena e Ariane, ergo SPARK. GRAZIE!

Luca, Imprenditore | CH
“For me, family constellations are like stepping into a time machine and traveling to a hidden past”

In knowing what ties me to previous generations, I have made significant leaps toward a future where I am fully aware of myself and can live in a constant state of inner peace.

SPARK has been a wonderful guide in helping me recognize my ability to self-reflect and transform any negative remnants from my past into a source of power and strength.

Angela, Writer | CH
I find it incredible to observe how the representatives behave or say things exactly as I would have said them”

Family & systemic constellations have widened my awareness. The awareness that we are far more than what we believe to be, that we go far beyond what we have been told or forced to be. More than once I have been scared by this unknown hidden beyond my limited believes. But after the first constellation, thanks also to how I felt during and after, I was convinced. It works!

During my own constellation, I find it incredible to observe how the representatives behave or say things exactly as I would have said them. Even more incredible is the anger, the fear, the joy and the love that one feels by representing someone, at times, totally unknown. I have recommended this method to several people who have been satisfied & I will certainly continue to do so.

Francesca, Teacher | CH


“Gift yourself the weekend. I can’t recommend it enough”

Reiki Level 1 with HamSa and SPARK is a beautiful experience. I came away with so much peace within and connection to myself.

Shanti, Embodied Spirit | Healer | Teacher | UK
“After the treatment we felt a deep peace and union. For a long time words were superfluous”

We already knew that Reiki was powerful. After completing the first level of Reiki at SPARK, we introduced it into our daily lives and enjoyed its benefits. But new and surprising was the experience of a couple Reiki Treatment. We had the great honor of receiving this treatment as a wedding gift.

Serena & Ariane accompanied us on this ‘one journey for two people’. A journey of union and purification, at the same time. We decided together which themes to explore and then we abandoned ourselves to the divine flow, one next to the other.

During the treatment we seemed to be sailing to another dimension, to fly to other skies with lightness and joy. We have seen many colors joining together, partly mixing and creating an indescribable image.

We are infinitely grateful for having been able to see and feel the authenticity and beauty of our neighboring hearts and will do our best to constantly continue to recognise and nurture our joint artwork. Thank you Serena & Ariane, Thank you Reiki, Thank you Universe.

Madleina & Francesco, Teacher & Winemaker | CH & IT
“Reiki Level 2: from “what the f… am-I doing here…” to “let’s rock the planet!”
X, Real Estate | CH
Reiki helps me connect, relax and focus on what I want and what is good for me”

In my opinion it is one of the best ways to approach holistic disciplines. I often relied on external solutions, before realising that what I needed was easily available at the end of my arms. Reiki was a fascinating discovery and a solution at hand.

Francesca, Teacher | CH
“Con il 1o livello di Reiki a SPARK ho poi potuto imparare direttamente questa tecnica”

Mi sono da sempre sentito collegato all’universo, ma non ho mai capito in che modo. Dopo avere avuto diverse esperienze con metodi simili al Reiki, mi sono avvicinato leggendo, a questa pratica e filosofia di vita. Con il 1o livello di Reiki a SPARK ho poi potuto imparare direttamente questa tecnica. Anche se l’integrazione di questa esperienza stà sempre ancora agendo, mi sento più centrato e sto lavorando su di me per essere pronto a continuare questo percorso. Con Serena e Ariane mi sono trovato benissimo, e mi sento parte del progetto SPARK.

Luca, Titolare d‘azienda | CH
“Some old light bulbs blew up during the clearing”

Since I was born I live in a very old family home. It’s a house with a lot of history … Personally I clearly perceive when in a place there is positive energy or not. In my house, especially in the old salon dedicated to my ancestors, the atmosphere was heavy. When I was a child, I could pass in front of that door only by running.

After the energetic space clearing by SPARK, the results were immediately felt. Energy has improved a lot. And the fact that some old light bulbs blew up during the clearing, is further proof to me of the effectiveness of this practice. After a second energetic clearing few months later, the change was also perceived by external people.

A regular energetic space clearing, as well as family constellations, should be an acquired habit in our lives, a bit like spring cleaning!

A heartfelt thank you to SPARK!

Roberta, Interior Designer | CH

Private Retreats

Through different techniques they brought the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual me together”

At a very important juncture in my life, I met two angels – Ariane and Serena, who through the medium of deep love, wisdom and empathy helped me re-discover the person I am. Through a combination of different techniques of physical work, long walks in the beautiful Swiss mountains, private coaching sessions, meditations and energy healing work, and most importantly a personalised healthy diet, they brought the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual me together. I carry their love and guidance in my heart daily, and hopefully forever. I can’t wait to return to our next summer week in Poschiavo.

Alok, Business Owner | India
That’s when I started developing visions with ease and creativity”

These 3 intensive retreat days gave me the opportunity to fully immerse within myself and get in close contact with everything that surrounds me. The individual and professional guidance & the holistic coaching helped me to connect with my strength, my intuition and inspiration and to understand the deeper meaning of Transformations. That’s when I started developing visions with ease and creativity. It was a wonderful, intense and very sustainable experience.

Prisca, Art & Culture Consultant | CH
“…but also for my business life the experience has a lasting effect”

My retreat at SPARK had a truly positive impact on me. Not only on a personal and social level I developed skills I wasn‘t aware of but also for my business life the experience has a lasting effect.

Marco, Financial Advisor | CH