Reiki Treatments

Are you looking for an efficient way to balance your energy levels? Are you experiencing a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual symptom you wish to explore deeper? Or are you simply looking for a moment of deep relaxation & focus to bring you right back to your center?

Reiki has many benefits. It makes you feel more at peace, it reduces stress and though can improve your immune system, promotes relaxation & increases your overall feeling of well-being. It is not a painkiller. Reiki seeks to bring to the surface the causes of your symptom, not just to cure the consequences. It’s about long-term sustainable well-being, rather than a short-term panacea.

How we work: Reiki is a Japanese discipline aimed to harmonise body, mind & spirit. It leads to a profound state of relaxation. In our view this is one of the most effective & simple ways we can achieve comprehensive well-being.

Besides offering deep relaxation & energy restoration, Reiki is also used alongside conventional medicine to help patients overcome pain & trauma from surgical operations, or side-effects of chemotherapy.

What we offer: During a treatment, you’ll be lying down on a massage table (or floor mat) in comfortable clothes. The practitioner will put her hands on (or just above) your body but without the pressure applied generally for a massage. This allows the energy to flow freely.

Reiki treatments can be done in person or also sent in space & time.

We generally advise to do a sequence of few sessions to properly experience the benefits of Reiki. The ideal treatment approach will be discussed individually based on the specific needs. Available treatments are:

Foundational Treatment: it addresses the main focal points in our body, both front & back. For a deep resetting of the energy flow in the entire body (90 min);

Chakra Balancing: it works on the 7 main chakras to balance the energy flow & bring out specific issues linked to each of the chakras (60 min);

5 Organs Treatment: it addresses kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen & pancreas, & the heart to support physical restoration & release of emotions (60 min);

Mental Treatment: it focuses on our brain. Ideal to induce deep relaxation & support sleep in times of mental stress, burn out & sleeping challenges (45 min);

Distance Treatment: it follows the exact format of any of the treatments above. Instead of being in the same room with the practitioner, you need a quiet spot in your own place where you can be alone to receive the energy of the treatment (45 to 90 min);

Tailor-Made Treatments: Do you have a specific symptom or request? Tell us about it & we’ll create together the appropriate Reiki treatment.

If you are uncertain about the ideal treatment for you, contact us.

Interested in learning the Reiki technique? Our International Reiki School offers regular Reiki Training.


Disclaimer: Reiki is an oriental discipline whose goal is the harmonisation of body, heart & mind with the spiritual dimension. It is “based on the hypothesis that the human being can become, through different levels of activation, a channel of transmission of cosmic energy” (Zingarelli). Reiki courses & treatments are aimed at healthy, autonomous & responsible people. The term “healing”, when used, should be understood in the sense of “achieving a state of love for oneself & for others, internal harmony, awareness & self-realisation”. The professional who holds the Reiki seminar & the treatments is a Reiki Teacher. She does not make use of psychological instruments. The service provided is not of a medical-sanitary nature, therefore it is not intended to replace medical services but rather to work alongside them.

At a glance

  • Format
    1 on 1 also per phone & faraway

  • With
    HamSa Serena Olgiati & Ariane Fischer

  • Language
    English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français or Español
  • Length
    45 to 90min depending on treatment

  • Price
    CHF 150.- for 60 min
    Abos: 10% discount (5 sessions); 20% discount (10 sessions)
    Student prices available on request.