Become a Facilitator in Family and Organisational Constellations

Are you looking to learn the method of constellations and work with it yourself? Are you already a facilitator for family or organisational constellations and would like to gain more practical experience? Or are you simply interested in finding out the connections and causes that influence families, relationship patterns, symptoms, organisations, success, etc.?

Train to facilitate individual and group Constellations yourself. The Academy uniquely combines modular teachings in both Family and Organisational Constellations, serving you with the option to choose between a single or combined certification.

How we work: Our aim is to offer solid and reliable teachings, both theoretically and practically, so as to allow a valid path of personal and professional growth. We put a lot of focus on practice. It entails the depth of the work and the confidence that comes with personal experience.

We teach an integrated method which is the fruit of our professional experience with constellations and 15 years of experience and experimentation of our partners and teachers from the community La Città della Luce. It is a very practical teaching offering effective tools to feel comfortable in guiding your clients in a group or individual setting.

What we offer: We offer a unique combined certification to become a Facilitator in both Family and Organisational Constellations.

1. Immersion training for yourself, without a professional aim in mind: 100HRS
2. Certification Facilitator for Family Constellations: 400HRS
3. Combined Certification Facilitator for Family and Organisational Constellations: 500 HRS

The Certification is structured in 3 modules over a recommended period of  2 years:

Module 1

300 hours

The “I”
Relationship with myself
Family of Origin, Psychogenealogy
Origins of the constellation work
Method “La Città della Luce”
Train your medianity
Constellate physical, emotional symptoms and Chakras

Module 2

100 hours

Relationship with others
Family of Choice (vs Family of Origin)
Healthy love relationships
Parent-child relationship
Hidden hierarchies at the workplace

Module 3

100 hours

Constellations in a business context
Tacit / implicit knowledge of an organisation
Decision-making process
Invisible hierarchies of an organisational chart
Working with stranger groups
Working with existing teams inside the organisation
Management constellations

The training is in line with the guidelines of the DGfS (‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen’). Included in the count of hours are also:

  • 5 days of practice in supervised peer groups
  • 10 participations per year as a representative in private constellations at SPARK.
    (30 HRS)
  • 1 afternoon in the professional and experiental group for organisational constellations in Bern with Claude Rosselet. Organised by Christel Maurer, mcc

1. Immersion training for yourself, without a professional aim in mind: 100HRS * (min. 50HRS of Module 1): CHF 2100,-
2. Certification Family Constellations: 400HRS (Modules 1 and 2): CHF 7500,-
3. Combined Certification : 500 HRS (Modules 1, 2 and 3): CHF 9600,-

The price includes all course hours. Not included are the residential weeks (accommodation, meals and travel (within Switzerland or Italy, depending on the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health), and the participation at the afternoon of organisational constellations in Bern.

Student prices, scholarships and payment by installments are possible upon request.

* If you decide to go for the full certification after taking an Immersion, the 100HRS will be fully credited.

Languages: English and Deutsch

Teachers: Ariane Fischer and HamSa Serena Olgiati

Guest teachers: Akshara Umberto Carmignani for Family Constellations and Claude Rosselet for Organisational Constellations (13-14 November 2021)

START 22 MAY 2021 // Registration closes 16 APRIL 2021.

Friday – Sunday (except on weekends with a Swiss public holiday on Monday)
Always 9.30 until 19.30

For the participants of the immersion, the 100HRS combine as follows:
22-24 May + Intensive Retreat 21-25 July + Option of one of the following two weekends: 
1. Love, Sexuality & Relationships 3-5 September 2021 
2. Management Constellations with Claude Rosselet 12-14 November 2021 
MAY 22 – 24 (Pfingsten, public holiday on Monday)
JUN 26-27 (Advanced Constellations: The Chakra System with Akshara Umberto Carmignani)
JULY 21-25  (Intensive Retreat)
SEP 3-5
NOV 12-14 (13+14 Nov with Claude Rosselet)
FEB 4-6
JUNE 3-6 (Pfingsten, public holiday on Monday)
JULY 20-24 (Intensive Retreat)
SEPT 2-4
NOV 11-13
FEB 3-5
MAY 26-29 (Pfingsten, public holiday on Monday)
Meet the Teachers