Family Constellations

SPARK Minervastr. 23/25, Zurich, Switzerland

A fresh perspective on a current challenge. Investigate the hidden causes of blockages in your health, family, relationships and at work.

Celebration | Tree Planting

Francesco's Vineyard Schloss Wart, Wartgutstrasse 80, Neftenbach, Switzerland

A moment to be together and celebrate. In the vineyard of our friend Francesco we plant vines for our ancestors, we taste wine and delicious food.

Constellations Familiales | Genève

Genève 2 chemin de Saint Mathieu, Bernex, Switzerland

Les constellations apportent équilibre, énergie et harmonie au sein de la famille, des relations et des situations professionnelles.

Archetypal Constellations

SPARK Minervastr. 23, Zurich, Switzerland

With Akshara Umberto Carmignani. Embark on a journey to recognise, manifest and integrate your inner archetypes.